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More entertaining writing from Adam Hare with what we all need – good strategies to deal with the load of information we have to deal with as teachers and learners in a word in which knowledge doubles every year.

Screenshot_2021-04-08 GEEE for Partner U

Perfect GESE exam prep with a full GEEE (GESE Exam Experience Event) with UK based former Trinity examiners.


Train The Teacher Trainers of thousands of teachers for the Trinity GESE, and authors of six books on the GESE exams.


The GEEE is designed to mirror the GESE and give children a chance to experience a full exam in exam conditions online. Great for confidence and feedback on a child’s level.

Screenshot_2021-04-08 Online TESOL TEFL

Our TESOLs, and our valued relationship with Language Point’s Tom and Nada Garside, continue.

We are proud to announce that we have opened new website partnerships in China to promote Language Point’s Trinity CertTESOL (a remarkable marriage of quality and very low cost) and our Train The Teacher Certificate in International TESOL. We will include links to the new sites in our next Good News.


MyIT continues to grow under the great management of Anthony Davies and we continue to look for skilled teachers to add to our group Go here to apply 😊

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