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Everything you need to Bring Your School Online

TOTA combines excellent native and local teachers with the best online classrooms and management tools to help you start your online classes quickly and efficiently.

Whether you want to use your current curriculum and textbooks, need custom courses making, or want to use one of our excellent courses customized for K-12 learners, TOTA will get your students learning online and ensure parents keep coming back to your school!

TOTA Online In Action

How it Works

At TOTA we understand the challenges faced by language schools. Moving your school online can be complicated. Finding the right teachers, choosing the right online classroom and learner management systems is hard. Even harder is retaining your hard-won parents and students. 

The TOTA Solution





International & local teachers to suit any budget

Quality assured by Train The Teacher

Managed and paid by TOTA

Online materials adapted from your textbooks

Pre-made courses

Custom course design

Integrate with your own or third party online classrooms 

Works internationally

Link with your own or third party LMS

Pre-course consultancy

Ongoing academic and technical support

Post-course assessment & feedback

We do the hard work for you. You make the profit!


TOTA Teachers

TOTA teachers are specially selected to ensure that they provide the highest quality teaching possible with a focus on helping your students achieve their academic goals and sign up for your future courses. Choose from international or local teachers depending on your budget. All teachers are quality assured by Train The Teacher. All teacher management including payment is managed by TOTA.

Find out about our teachers below:

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