What has the biggest effect on learning?

Go ahead and test yourself as a parent, as a teacher, or as a student. Which two of these five factors have the biggest effect on what a student learns? Think, decide, then jump to the end to find the answer.

A. The student – how bright he or she is

B. The student’s school

C. The school principal

D. The effect of other students

E. The teacher

So that is the data, but the most significant part of that data is which teachers have the biggest impact?

Some teachers are clearly better than others.

And with the experience Train The Teacher have of over 6000 hours observing teachers, writing feedback on their learning outcomes and giving them guidance on how to teach, we have to say that the guidance we give MyIT tutors is closely reflected in the definition below from John Hattie of an expert (exceptional) teacher.


‘We were particularly interested … (in) … the expertise that underpinned the expert teachers.