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How well you can copy someone's voice sound builds fluency 模仿他人聲音的能力可以提高流暢度

Language teachers say that when your students start sounding like you you've done a great job as a teacher. 😊

You can't play togther unless you are in tune
Orchestra tuning together

What this means is that you've used teaching methods which have encouraged a high level of attention to sounds and the importing of that attention into spoken language.

While some approaches to teaching encourage the adoption of a particular accent, it is very sobering to realise just how many different accents there are in the world that are completely acceptable and completely intelligible to fluent speakers.

Learners that have been exposed to only one accent or have lessons that adopt a dialect of US or UK English fail to recognise that in an international world most people have learnt English as a second language. If they only know Midwest US or UK RP accents, they will have difficulty.

If you want to be fluent your must be flexible with sound
So many different and acceptable accents

If students are already skilled in copying other people's voice sounds, they will develop an accent that is international and intelligible - assuming the models they are exposed to are broadly sourced.

If an accent is broadly intelligible internationally then fluency is high – this means  it is not hard for listeners to understand what is being said. And, as we have mentioned previously, if someone listening has to work hard to understand you, you are not fluent.

One of the major benefits in developing skills around copying accents is the flexibility in the production of a range of vowel sounds that will in turn make it much easier for students to figure out what someone else is saying.

Learning to understand international accents is of great benefit to fluency, and how well you can copy someone's voice sound builds fluency.

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語言老師說,當你的學生開始聽起來像你時,你作為一個老師就做得很好了。 😊

You can't play togther unless you are in tune



僅接觸過一種口音或接受採用美國或英國英語方言的課程的學習者無法認識到,在國際世界中,大多數人都將英語作為第二語言來學習。 如果他們只知道美國中西部或英國 RP 口音,他們就會遇到困難。

If you want to be fluent your must be flexible with sound


如果一種口音在國際上被廣泛理解,那麼流利度就很高——這意味著聽眾不難理解所說的內容。 而且,正如我們之前提到的,如果聽的人必須努力才能理解你的意思,那麼你就不算是流利。



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