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Your MYIT Global Licensee Resources

Everything you need to start your tutoring business
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Company Overview

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Sole Tutor/SME/Enterprise Options

Licensee Options.jpg

For Your Promotion

Officially Appointed Licensee Certificate

MYIT Officially Appointed Licensee Sample.jpg

Print Promotional Materials

MyIT Promo Material Sample.jpg

Licensee Dedicated Website and URL

MyIT UK Webpage mobile.png

Powerpoint Templates

PPT Template Image.PNG

MyIT Logos

MyIT Logos all jpg.jpg

Interactive Promotional Materials Template

MyIT Parents Genially.JPG

Monthly posts for parents

Your Training

Licensee Training Session on all resources

Licensee Training Image.PNG

Talking to Parents Guide

MyIT Talking to Parents Guide.jpg

Parent Interview Form

MyIT Template Parent Interview Form_Page_1.jpg

Tutor Interview Process Guide

MyIT Tutor Interview Process Guide Site Post_Page_1.jpg

How to Pay Tutors Guide

MyIT Template How to Pay Your Tutors_Page_1.jpg

Tutor Group Communication Guide

Tutor Group Communication Guide_Page_1.jpg

Using the Scheduling App for Tutors and Parents

Resources and Training for your Tutors

Interactive Tutor Introduction Template

MyIT Tutor Genially Thumbnail.JPG

Interactive Tutor Materials Template

MyIT Tutor materials genially Thumbnail.JPG

Template Subcontracting Tutor Agreement

MyIT Subcontracting agreement_Page_1.jpg

Curated Tutor Resources

Eight Free International TESOL Training Units Per Teacher

TINTO Devices Mac.png

Qualified Tutor Certificates

One Khan Academy Subscribed donation per tutor

One OneStopEnglish Subscription per tutor

MyIT QT Certificate.png
Khan Academy Ipad (1).png
Onestop English Ipad.png

Train The Teacher Blog

Discounted Full 120 Hour International TESOL

TTT International TESOL logo.png
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