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More Good News May


Congratulations to Erez Tocker, the new CEO of Trinity College London.

It is great to see such a dynamic presence on board to help Trinity’s growth in education technology.

Congratulations to Nada and Tom Garside of Language Point for the continued evolution of their Trinity CertTESOL – online mode and continued cooperation with Train The Teacher for the promotion and sale of their Trinity CertTESOL – online mode.  See Tom’s latest here

Screenshot_2021-05-14 Tips for teachers

Congratulations also to the graduates of the Trinity CertTESOL – blended mode with Train The Teacher which finished this week. An extraordinary journey for teachers who went through school closures, covid, relocation of countries etc. etc.

Huge thanks to Angelina Komar and Vannessa Misso-Veness for the extraordinary job dealing with the months of change and the vagaries that the Covid world presented us with while maintaining focus and standards on the course.


Congratulations to Daniel Jiang China for the direct promotion of the Trinity CertTESOL and the Train The Teacher Certificate in International TESOL linked to job opportunities to graduates on both of those programs in China. Links to his site will be live on our site soon😊

Congratulations to Kirt James for joining our assessment team for candidate videos on the Train The Teacher Certificate in International TESOL


Congratulations to Anthony Davies for the progress on our MyIT Summer Poetry Recital Competition. We're really looking forward to this event in which students recite poems that provide beautiful opportunities for lyrical expression: either first two verses from The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear; or all of The Tiger by William Blake; or the first two verses of the Pied Piper by Robert Browning; or all of Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost. Stay tuned for more information on this course (including certificates and prizes) starting June 6th.

Major congratulation's also to Katie for launching MyIT US  While the site is still seminal, it represents a very important development, and we're very proud of what she has achieved.


We are very happy in our exploration with David Yen of Happy Harvest of Jill Eggleton’s reading programs (click the image below). We hope to bring Jill’s excellence to our group of international teachers online. While we are new to Jill Eggleton, her reputation as brilliant in the field of reading and as a prolific author precedes her.

Our cooperation with David Yen’s TK group on the delivery of online training for Trinity GESE exams celebrates its fourth year of engaging and highly targeted teaching.

Screenshot_2021-05-14 JillE Literacy s.p
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