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The Trinity CertTESOL is an Ofqual regulated qualification, listed at level 5 on their Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), meaning that it is accepted by education authorities, immigration departments and visa offices worldwide as a benchmark qualification in the industry.


Language Point Teacher Education is proud to be one of the first teacher training providers in the world to be validated by Trinity College London to deliver their CertTESOL course in a totally online mode of study. 

This 12-week course will give trainee teachers in-depth knowledge and skills related to English language teaching and learning, develop their language awareness to an expert level, and assess classroom teaching skills through 6 hours of observed teaching.

Language Point CertTESOL Trinity Devices

Language Point and Train The Teacher

Language Point is particularly happy to engage with Train The Teacher Limited (HK, 2008) to extend the reach of their course internationally. Applicants may apply directly to Train The Teacher for interview and acceptance.

120-hour course accredited level 5 on the UK National Qualifications Framework

Fully online 12-week course

Weekly tasks and online tutorials

Extensive reading materials 

Online observations of experienced teachers

Work together with other trainees 

Guided lesson planning

6 hours of observed teaching practice

Key Benefits of the Trinity CertTESOL

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Study the Trinity CertTESOL Online

This new online mode of study allows you to complete the theoretical components of the course in your own time, through video content, weekly collaborative tasks and live tutorials with course trainers. Course assignments are submitted online, Teaching Practice lessons are observed via video, streamed or recorded from your classrooms or online learning environments, and final assessment is made through a live interview with a Trinity College moderator via video.

Course Structure

The Language Point online mode of CertTESOL divides the content of the course into 6 modules, each of which is assessed through a structured written assignment to be submitted at the end of each module, as follows:

Pre-course Tasks: A Language and Methodology Awareness pack, containing preparatory tasks and input to be completed before week 1 of the course.

Module 0 (1 week): Course Introduction 

Module 1 (2 weeks): Language Awareness

Assessment: Language Awareness coursework assignment

Module 2 (2 weeks): TESOL Approaches and methods

Assessment: TESOL methodology quiz

Module 3 (1 week): Guided Observation
Assessment: Guided Observation Journal (2500 words approx.)

Module 4 (2 weeks): Learners and learning
Assessment: 1) the Learner Profile (5000 words approx.) 
2) Unknown Language Journal (2500 words)

Module 5 (2 weeks): Teaching Practice A: 3-4 hours of live classroom teaching, observed via video
Assessment: Teaching Practice Portfolio entries 1-3

Module 6 (2 weeks): Teaching Practice B: 3-4 hours of live classroom teaching, observed via video
Assessment: 1) The Materials Assignment (500 words approx.) 2) Teaching Practice Portfolio entries 4-6

Final exam: Language Awareness/methodology exam

Moderation: Online group interview (30 mins) Online Materials Assignment interviews (15 minutes per trainee)

Course Dates

Language Point Online CertTESOL Course D

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2021 Course Fee: