MyIT's Lists of mainly free resources

We post here what we think you may want for your children or yourself. Click here to register for the Summer Poetry Recital Competition

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Why does butter melt on toast?

Answering children's questions

Fascinating NY Times article on the importance of questions from children

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want better writing skills?

Oxford University Press

Great tips on developing

writing skills

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want a range of educational Games?

Math and Content Learning

Very broad range at multiple levels

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Want to check your language before you email?


The free version is very good for checking writing accuracy

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How do you like to learn?

Accelerated Learning

An interesting series of questions to help you find out a little more about you:)

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Art site for children

Tate Gallery UK

Site chosen by our star art tutor, Ivy Chan

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Want to get good at math?

​Khan Academy

Best math learning and support site!