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we are so happy about this!!

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We know what poetry can mean for our language teaching and learning (see Adam Hare’s Blog ) but we didn’t guess what the rest of the world might think!

A cooperation on a video poem with Chris Norman of Ginger Cat Media and Frank Doogan from Train The Teacher has gone to Top Ten of a thousand plus entries at the International Video Poetry festival

We are so happy that our video poem ‘The Dock’ (in Kennedy Town) has received recognition internationally. We both felt that our respective interests: videography (Chris) and poetry (Frank) were in their own ways a little lacking in narratorial depth. It was our experience that words work in their own wriggly and naked way; but clothed in pictures, the dance of meaning for the eye and the ear rescues poetry from paper, and images from muted narrative.


Anyway! Happy we are 😊

New books for education in China

Under the guidance of Dr Lu Ziwen (Kwesting),

Train The Teacher had a full engagement in Kwesting’s latest publication ‘Got it’. ‘The set of textbooks is the first to implement cognitive learning paths in the compilation of primary school English textbooks in China. The overall and unit design of the textbook is developed based on cognitive learning, not only for daily life, but also for society, culture, and science. Students can not only understand the scientific principles through the story of Li Wenfan's production of the space shuttle model but also deepen their existing cognition through in-depth understanding of familiar stories, such as scientific research on the cold bird and dialectical thinking on Yugong Yishan. There are many interesting activities waiting for students to explore and recognize.

…The book uses a variety of teaching methods, such as game teaching, situational teaching, task-based teaching, etc., which are in line with Chinese classroom teaching practice and suitable for Chinese teachers; In the book, there are characters such as the enthusiastic and cheerful Li Wenfan, the smart and careful Wang Jiabei, the lively and active Ben Will, the serious and lovely Jade May, as well as the ever-changing and omnipotent AI puppies, which will lead the students to understand their own lives.’

TOTA  - Copy.jpg

Our development of a program of lessons with a unique role for local teacher continues. We are very happy that our management of discourse modeling within the classroom has become an integral part of how the children pick up and attend to more naturalized language. Tremendous work has been done by the Head Trainer and specialist teacher within TOTA Stefania Modenese assisted by Lucina Ridgwell and local teacher Helen. They have all contributed a great deal to moving this vision forward.

To find out more contact Stefania


We continue our focus on ensuring our tutors are exceptionally well-informed with monthly training posts, evaluations of lessons taught and a regular curating of web-based support. We have extended the range of lessons MyIT teaches with the addition of experts in Technology, Data Analytics, Macro and Microeconomics (perfect for university-level students)


Link here to the enquiries page


Vannessa Misso-Venness has added tutor evaluation in MyIT to her role as Train The Teacher Trinity CertTESOL trainer. Her attention to this area is a great bonus for MyIT


We also continue our posting of evidence that our students learn in a MyIT lesson. It is just wonderful to hear student reports of what they have learned, and hear the genuine unscripted fluency in their comments. 😊 Particular thanks goes to MyIT’s Manager, Anthony Davies for maintaining such a clear focus on the quality of the learning, and to Eric Niebuhr for his uncompromising professionalism as a tutor

The exceptional-in-quality and exceptional-in-price Trinity CertTESOL fully online for GBP995 has proved that what teachers want is quality - without being geographically trapped into unattractive courses and prices.

Contact Frank for details and interview for the course


Online Trinity CerttESOL

Certificate In International TESOL gains international recocgnition


The international recognition of our Train The Teacher Certificate in International TESOL (TINTO) means we are not only busy with new applicants, but we also have the pleasure of seeing video evidence of what the teachers have learned. One of the unique parts of this course is the successful candidates’ proof in video format that they can teach. As Peter Sommerville, Director of Online Operations with Train The Teacher, says ‘Our TINTO is literally and figuratively more than just a piece of paper – it is video proof in an internationally recognized course that you can teach.’


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