Train The teacher Certificate IN International TESOL

Module OPtions

$85 /¥600

Module 1

1.Teaching Techniques A


2. Teaching Techniques B

3. Teaching Techniques C


4. How to teach adults, YLs & VYLs


5. Using an online classroom

Module 2

6. Language acquisition in teaching

7. Teaching pronunciation

8. Using phonics to build fluency

9. Why Chinese and Western classrooms 

10. Designing online tests

module 3

11.  Improving student communication

12. Improving accuracy and fluency A

13. Improving accuracy and fluency B

14. Classroom lexis techniques A

15. Classroom lexis techniques B

Module 4

16. Classroom management A

17. Classroom management B

18. Talking to and reporting to parents

19. Teaching Cambridge Starters

20. Teaching Cambridge Movers

Module 5

21. Teaching Cambridge Flyers

22. Teaching listening

23. Teaching reading

24. Using songs & chants

25. Preparing students for Trinity GESE

module 6

26. Intelligent questioning techniques 

27. How to teach writing

28. Differences International Englishes

29. Using games to promote learning 

30. The future of teaching and learning

Are Modules Certified?

All modules are individually certified. By completing all modules and final tasks you can be certified with the full Train The Teacher Certificate In International TESOL

Can I take only one module?

Absolutely! Just pick the module that suits your needs best.

Should I take modules in order?

If you plan to complete all modules in order to attain the full Train The Teacher Certificate In International TESOL we recommend that you take the modules in order as many units reference concepts and skills from earlier units. 

How do I change from modules to the full course?

As soon as you purchase a total of 5 modules we will convert you to the full course at no additional cost! 

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