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Train The Teacher provides the highest quality online TEFL / TESOL courses.

Established in 2008 we have enabled over 10,000 students Internationally to accelerate their English Teaching Careers.

Our Certificate in International TESOL is a 120 hour fully certified online course that fully prepares trainees to teach English online or Internationally. With 30 full-length videos covering 20 topic areas, interactive quizzes and great trainee support, the Train The Teacher certificate in International TESOL is the perfect way for teachers to begin their teaching journey.

Become an Affiliate

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Why join the Certificate In International TESOL affiliate program?

  • Great commissions

  • Offer your contacts discount codes up 10% off course prices.

  • Free taster course for your contacts

  • Free taster course for your contacts

  • Great Creatives

  • Order values up to $425 / ¥3000

  • Offer your contacts full and modular courses

  • 1-year tracking cookies

  • Affiliate tracking on International payments

  • The only online TESOL to accept Alipay for China-based students.

Who is the Train The Teacher affiliate program for?

Anyone who has an audience can join the affiliate program whether you have a strong presence on social media, a website or blog or just a small number of contacts that are interested in TEFL / TESOL courses.

How does it work?

We will provide you with a unique URL, discount code and creatives. When your contacts click on the link / enter your discount code when they purchase we will track that sale as belonging to you.

How are affiliate payments made?

Payments are made by Paypal for your contacts that pay by Visa, Mastercard etc) and bank transfer for contacts that pay by Alipay. Payments are made at the start of the month after the has been enrolled on the course for 1 month. *eg. If a student enrolls on the 20th January, payments are made at the start of March

How do I track my sign-ups?

International sign-ups (Visa, Mastercard etc) can be tracked in your affiliate area through our partner platform, Teachable.

China-based sign-ups (Alipay) will be sent to you via email at the end of each month.

What creatives will I receive?

We will create custom banners that include your affiliate link and discount codes. These are both images that you can link to our Teachable pages and code versions that you can embed on your site. If you have specific size/design requirements, please let us know.

TINTO Banner - Free Trial (Blue Border).
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